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From: Wendy Minick (
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 16:50:00 EDT

Hi all -- I'm happy to be participating. Following is a brief
introduction of both my organization & myself:
My name is Wendy Minick and I am the Regional Litigation Attorney at the
Northwest Women's Law Center (NWLC). The NWLC is a Northwest regional
non-profit public interest organization that works to advance legal
rights for women. We work primarily in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon
and Washington, and on the national level. The NWLC works in four
program areas: 1) impact litigation, where we bring cases with the
potential to change the law or benefit large numbers of women, and
provide technical legal assistance; 2) legislation, where we promote
legislation that advances women's rights and works to prevent
legislative harmful to women; 3) information & referral services,
through which we run a free telephone line, staffed by attorneys, law
students and paralegals, providing free information & referral services
to callers, and distributing written materials; and 4) education,
through which we provide training and seminars on a variety of legal
topics. The NWLC works in the areas of reproductive rights, family law,
lesbian rights, public benefits, affirmative action, prisoners' rights,
education, sports, employment, disability rights, older women, health
care, insurance, violence against women, sex workers and civil rights.
As Regional Litigation Counsel I coordinate the NWLC's impact litigation
program, work on legislative issues and do speaking and writing.
Additionally, I am a founding board member of a community abortion fund
organized under the auspices of the National Network of Abortion Funds.
I am a graduate of Hampshire College and of Harvard University Law
School. I have also studied social therapy under anthroposophy, at a
Camphill community where I co-ran a home for mentally and physically
challenged adults, done civil rights litigation and worked in several
states, as well as in Guyana, American Samoa, and India.
Personally, and on behalf of the Law Center, I look forward to our
Wendy Minick
Regional Litigation Counsel
Northwest Women's Law Center
119 South Main Street, suite 410
Seattle, WA 98104-2592
ph: 206-682-9552; fax: 206-682-9556

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