Re: Opening Statement-Harilyn Rousso

Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 17:49:00 EDT

Barbara K. O'Donnel inquired about resources that document the status of and
double discrimination facing women and girls with disabilities. Here is a
beginning list that I hope will grow.

For me, one of the best pieces of writing on the status of women with
disabilities is the introduction to the book "Women with Disabilities: Essays
in Psychology, Culture and Politics," Edited by Michelle Fine and Adrienne
Asch (Temple University Press). While the data are outdated, the themes
raised by Asch and Fine in their introduction are very much relevant today,
and the whole book is invaluable. Mike Wehmeyer and I consider ourselves very
lucky to have recruited Adrienne Asch to write an ujpdated version (with
current statistics) of some of the material that appears in that introduction
foor a chapter in our book, "Double Jeopardy," to be published by SUNY Press,
but that won't be out for a while.

Another resource that came out quite recently is: "The Chartbook on Women and
Disability in the United States," written and publishhed by InfoUse in 1999.
It brings together data on disabled women and girls from various sources.
You can obtain a copy by calling them in Berkeley, CA at 510-549-6520

Still another good overview of the issues, also quite current, is "Women and
Girls with Disabilities: Defining the Issues - An Overview," written by
Barbara Waxman Fiduccia and Leslie R. Wolfe and published jointly by the
Center for Women Policy Studies and Women & Philanthropy, 1999. Call CWPS at
202-872-1770, or Women & at 202-887-9660 for a copy.

I will share more resources I have found helpful over the course of the next
few days.

Harilyn Rousso
Disabilities Unlimited
3 East 10th St., 4B
New York, NY 10003

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