Opening Statement-Tom Hehir

Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 00:00:00 EDT

Dr. Hehir:

Thanks for sharing information about these studies. In our attempt to locate
women and girls with disabilities over the past year, the WEEA Center discovered
that there is not enough research with gender breakdowns including research
produced by the federal government. Does the IDEA or other federal education
legislation specifically require attention to gender issues for children with
disabilities? If so, what enforcement mechanisms are in place to ensure that
schools are meeting these requirements and that information is compiled to
report progress?

Susan J. Smith
Dialogue Moderator

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Subject: Opening Statement-Tom Hehir
Author: at internet
Date: 10/18/99 11:20 PM

In my experience gender issues and disability receive far
too little attention. In my recent role as the Director of
the Office of Special Education Programs at the US Dept. of
Education, I had the opportunity to increase my familiarity
with research in disability. Two studies highlighted gender
concerns to me.

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