Dialogue Concludes

From: SSmith@edc.org
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 20:05:00 EDT


We are now officially ending this Dialogue. Many thanks to
our panelists Harilyn Rousso and Tom Hehir for sharing their
time, expertise, and insights. We are particularly grateful
to Harilyn, who agreed to participate in this discussion in
the midst of finishing her new book!

In her eloquent closing statement Harilyn says: "one of the
greatest achievements of the [gender equity] movement has
been its appreciation of the heterogeneity of girls and
young women - and of young men and boys - and hence the
recognition that it is not enough to consider gender bias in
a vacuum." Unfortunately, however, as Tom said at the
beginning of our discussion, "Gender issues and disability
receive far too little attention." It is our hope that this
Dialogue has helped to raise awareness about this issue.

We encourage you to continue the discussion about
disabilities and gender on EDEQUITY and also to incorporate
issues of disability into your work.

In our work, the WEEA Center's information hotline has a
toll-free TTY number for the hearing impaired: 800-354-6798
and our materials can be made available in alternative
formats upon request. In the coming months, we will also
have the following resources on gender and disabilities:

--Our next WEEA Digest (our quarterly journal) is devoted to
the topic.

--FAQ packet ("frequently asked questions" about gender and
disabilities including a fact sheet and resource list).

--New section on disabilities on WEEA's web site
<www.edc.org/WomensEquity> with links to resource

We will send announcements to EDEQUITY as these resources
become available. We also invite you to send information to
the list about your work in this area.

Thanks for your participation in EDEQUITY.


Susan J. Smith
Dialogue Moderator
WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC

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