Re: Info on equity workshops

Date: Sun Oct 17 1999 - 18:45:00 EDT

GESA and EMELI are outstanding. SECME does great things, too. You might
also want to know about EQUALS. The EQUALS workshops center on equity in
mathematics and are planned for k-12 teachers to help them reach all students
in this essential subject. FAMILY MATH workshops also emphasize equity and
are for parents and teachers to learn how to carry out FM workshops for
parents and children in their schools. The address for both these programs
is EQUALS, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA
94720. 510 642-1823 For a compendium of
resources on equity in mathematics classrooms, write to me at I will help you obtain an NCSM Sourcebook on Equity if
you do not have one already (not free, but worth it.) Kay Gilliland (don't
forget the "k" in my email address)

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