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Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 07:42:41 EDT

Hi everyone:

I am writing to let you know about a new resource hot off the presses
that you might be interested in trying. They are called: School to
What? Check it Out! Day Planner Inserts.

You can view a sample of each product at the following web address:

Click on the PDF and save to your computer to see a full-page example of
each product.

What is this new tool all about?
This new tool was produced by the School-to-Work Technical Assistance
Project at the University of Minnesota, Institute on Community
Integration in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Children,
Families, and Learning.

It's purpose is to support our investment in all learners through access
to school and community learning opportunities and experiences. The
materials include 4 separate full-color, laminated, Day Planner Inserts
- one geared toward students, one for parents, one for school staff, and
one for employers. Materials also include a student Personal Asset and
Goal Setting Sheet as well as a short "how to" Manual that shares many
ways you can immediately begin using the materials with each of the four
different audiences. Day Planner Inserts and the Student Personal Asset
and Goal Setting Sheet can fit into a day planner or a three ring

How can I get a sample of this?
For a limited time (until December 30th) the following are available:

   * a sample packet (1 of each item) to look at and review
   * a free trial package that includes 10 of each insert, 10 Student
     Personal Asset and Goal Setting sheets, and 1 manual.

Additional quantities can be purchased before and after this deadline at
a nominal fee - which will cover our reprinting of the product. You can
call 612/624-4512 to receive your sample packet or trial package, or to
have an order form forwarded to you.

Why did you create this and how do we use them?
We really wanted a positive, hands-on tool that would gather everyone
together who is working with youth and help us work together to invest
in all of our students and their futures. The focus is not just on
careers - but on planning for your future and all aspects of life.

All inserts build off of the student insert and information - so the
focus of this tool is our students. It is a tool that can be used right
away to begin talking about planning for the future - for community
involvement, careers, post-secondary education, living independently,
what you want to do for fun, volunteer work, etc. The focus is holistic
- it can be used in a multitude of ways to begin planning with every
student. Our hope is that this would eventually lead into the
development of a personal life portfolio where students can display and
organize their achievements, activities, goals for the future, and
information needed to pursue their goals and dreams.

The parent, school staff, and employer inserts can help to build a sense
of community around these goals and to get parents, school staff, and
employers involved, while at the same time being a way to help us focus
on our investment in youth. They can also be used to thank people for
being involved.

We hope you find these useful and that you will give them a try! The
response from those who have reviewed the tool and are using it has been
very positive so far.

You can respond to me if you have any questions and please feel free to
share this information with any of your co-workers, collaborators,
colleagues or anyone you think could use them.

Have a great day everyone!


Pam Stenhjem, Project Coordinator
Minnesota Collaborative Interagency Project
Institute on Community Integration
University of Minnesota
104 Pattee Hall  150 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
PH: 612/625-3863
FX: 612/624-9344

"There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there
are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow
spot into the sun." --Pablo Picasso

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