New Resource on Sexual Harassment

Date: Fri Oct 29 1999 - 00:00:00 EDT

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"Classrooms and Courtrooms: Facing Sexual Harassment in K-12
Schools" by Nan Stein, senior research scientist at the
Center for Research on Women, Wellesley College.

Excerpt from press release:

In her newest work, Nan Stein brings together the current
state of knowledge about sexual harassment in K-12 schools,
summarizing legal cases as well as the findings of major
surveys. More important, she presents the words and
experiences of students themselves. Both boys and girls
describe their personal experiences and tell us how much
sexual harassment hurts, how and when it occurs, and what
happens when students turn to school authorities for help.

As a feminist and youth advocate, the author is passionately
concerned about the victims of school sexual violence. She
is particularly troubled by research showing that most
reported sexual harassment incidents in K-12 schools occur
in public spaces in front of others, often adults who do
nothing to intervene or stop the behavior. She argues that
this "public performance" of sexual harassment not only
damages the self esteem of victims but may also be a
training ground for domestic violence.

As a civil libertarian, however, Stein is also concerned
about the due process rights of students and staff.
Throughout, she contributes a unique, balanced, and
thoughtful voice.

Book available November 1999/160 pp./paperback $18.95/cloth

For review copies and more information contact: Bonnie
Schiffer, Teachers College Press, 212-678-3963

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