Re: Not enough money for the girls soccer team....

Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 22:34:00 EST

An individual who mentions gender equity in academics as a struggle for girls'
rights is, in my opinion, off his or her intellectual rocker. Has anyone read
Dr. Judith Kleinfeld's work "The Myth of the Shortchanged Schoolgirl" or Dr.
William Pollack's "Real Boys," or for that matter Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers'
"Who Stole Feminism?" Is anyone familiar with the findings of these works?
Gender equity in academic issues is, in my judgment, approximately 97% an issue
of boys' rights. If your daughter reports that the room is decorated with
reports on women, that is just another example of the misandry of the education
system and its focus on the value of women over that of men.

Perhaps it is a good sign that gender feminists and those who focus on girls'
issues and fail to see the black void into which boys are slipping cannot find
any grass roots support.

Secondly, with regard to the girls not getting good equipment, et cetera: I am
reminded of a scene in which a poor beggar is sitting in the cold in New York
City, outside the window of a very high-class restaurant, begging for change to
buy a loaf of bread. There is a man inside the restaurant, looking out of the
window at the beggar, who is complaining to the waiter that his steak is only
medium insted of medium-well.

The point is that when others (boys) do not even have the opportunity to play
(or eat, as in my example), do not complain because what you (girls) have is not

Amber Valeris DeWine
  "Let Our Boys Learn"

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