Re: Diversity Training

From: Amy Kelly (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 16:00:44 EST

Hi Sheri! (and all!)

I am very intereseted in the diversity training that you do for teachers and
others. I am a special education aide in the Boston area, and I am looking to
make a career change to diversity training. Some friends have told me about
working as a "multicultural trainer". I don't even know if this job exists.

I wish to work doing multicultural work (including ethnicity, differently
abled, gender issues, gay issues etc.) around tolerance.
Could you tell me more about your job - what your qualifications are, how
you got your job, what exactly you do, etc.????

If anyone else works in this field I would love to hear from you as well. I
have burn-out in sped, and I haven't even gotten my own classroom yet. I
just really feel that a job where I was fighting to promote tolerance, and
lessen some of the hatred and intolerance I see EVERY DAY, I would be so
much more motivated. Plus, I think I am very qualified. I am physically
challenged, and have done handicapped understanding lessons for years, plus
I have taken anti-racism training, and minored in Sociology in college,
having looked at minority groups as well as "difference". (I only give all
this bio info to indicate where I am in terms of qualifications).

Thank you all SO much!

Amy Kelly

Amy E. Kelly

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