Re: Sophia Huyer-Opening Statement

Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 17:30:54 EST

Greetings from Israel,
The idea of a dynamic discussion with participants of similar interests
is exciting.
As an educator who has been involved for several years in projects
in Israel to increase the number of female high students taking advanced maths &
technology I am particularly interested in your question about how UNESCO &
UNIFEM might operate internationally & regionally in a campaign to overcome
existing stereotypes, & raise awareness to contributions of female
scientists. My suggestion/request: that these international organizations
prepare a series of posters with international representation of female
scientists, with photos, names, profesional interests, contributions etc, so
girls & women of all nations & races have a rich variery of role models, &
actually see images of women who have done it. I am sure chapters of women's
organizations/female scientists organizations from all over can help .
Next a question to the fantastic panel : how do we help those female high
school students we want to empower & advance, who are nervous about being
singled out for special attention because of their gender?
In the project I'm involved in, girls & teachers felt it was okay to let
boys get (practically take over) the preferential treatment planned for the
girls alone, as it made the girls ( & obviously the teachers too), feel more at
ease , as single sex education makes them feel uncomfortable, & non
Thanks for the opportunity for raising these issues, I look forward to
hearing lots of important ideas in this discussion.

Judith Abrahami-Einat, PhD
Advisor to Israeli ministry of Education on gender equity

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