Re: When do girls opt in?

Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 11:50:09 EST

Ina wrote:
My question to the panel is, When do girls opt into or develop an aptitude
for and/or a positive disposition toward math/science/engineering classes?

My experience with an early childhood magnet school in St. Louis supports your
suspicions. Though I do not have long-term data on the retention of these young
girls in math/science we were seeing enthusiastic involvement of these young
girls in solving problems around physical science tasks. When asked to explain
how they would solve a problem...for example, moving a heavy box from the floor
to the table...young girls seemed more able to successfully solve the problem.
These were children Pre-K to grade 2.

We have seen the enthusiasm and interest in these young students. I think the
question of how this is lost must be addressed as well. Thanks for raising it.

Marty Henry

Martha A. Henry, Ed. D.

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