Re: Questions for the Discussion

Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 11:55:45 EST

I volunteer for a non-profit called SmartGrrls, in Austin Texas. SmartGrrls is
a non-profit whose mission is to encourage and empower girls in science, math,
and technology.

SmartGrrls runs after-school programs in middle schools in the local Austin
area with teams of volunteers (many from the U/Texas campus) to deliver a
multi-faceted, hands-on curriculum that has been very successful.
SmartGrrls also provides gender equity training to schools, parents, higher
education institutions, or community groups.

SmartGrrls programs are available to interested groups as an affiliate
program, anywhere in the country, so that anyone can benefit from SmartGrrls

Interested individuals may view the web site at to learn

Nancy Traccarella

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