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Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 12:16:38 EST

Unless I've missed it so far, one cadre of folks not mentioned are the
women who teach in elementary schools. If these women are comfortable
with doing science appropriate to their grade level, and convey that
comfort, and perhaps excitement to the students, that will show the girls
in the class that science is something that they could do. If on the
other hand, if the woman teacher is not comfortable, then although the
young girl may be driven by her own curiousity, as she grows and begins to
think in terms of what mature women do, then the covert message from the
classroom may have a significant negative influence.
To that end, I and others have begun to develop workshops to help
elementary teachers, of both genders, to be comfortable with the new
guided inquiry mode that is supported by all the various forms of the
national and state science standards.
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