Re: Welcome to Dialogue with the Experts

Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 14:29:47 EST

We also have a program called Teaching SMART which is implemented through
science in grades 3-5 primarily. Our program has been proven effective by over
5 years of intensive evaluation.

The program has been implemented in western South Dakota and is in the final
year of training (three years). After the three year period the school district
owns the program and can continue to train teachers and use the strategies in
the classroom. We have also just went nationwide with the program in 7 states
through grant funding. Those sites are in the first year of training but it will
be interesting to see after the three years how much commitment and support the
districts give in order to keep the program going. Teachers, students, and
parents love the program, but a lack of support,(funding) can kill it just when
as it starts making a difference. How do we solve this problem? We are trying
to figure that out still.

Jennifer Krueger <>

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