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Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 11:01:30 EST

Rosa Hemphill asked:
> Have all-young women classes been more successful in encouraging young > women
to pursue majors and careers in science????


A similar question (one that has data for the plucking if someone wants to do
it) is what colleges have the best records at encouraging their women science
majors to pursue their profession in grad school to the post-doc level? Any
operational definition of best will do, but I'll propose two that I like: women
graduating in science as a percentage of the size of the student body; and women
who get to the post-doc level as a percentage of the size of the student body.
I know I advise my women students who are interested in majoring in physics to
strongly consider Carleton College, because Carleton has a strong track record
of having their women physics majors go on to, and succeed in, graduate school.

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