Re: Questions for the Discussion

Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 14:02:42 EST

Here in Vermont (nice and rural) we have the Women in
Technology Project at Vermont Technical College (a school of
under 1000 students). Our main activity is a series of summer
technology camps for girls, mostly 7th and 8th grade and some
high school girls. About 250 girls come from all over the state for
the 5-day residential camps, working with professional women in
technical fields. We're full to bursting every year, with long waiting
lists, and could easily serve double the number we do. We've also
done Girl Scout Computer Badge Days, and we have a
telementoring program, too. That one's especially useful in a rural

So it takes a little creativity, but small communities and small
schools can also provide lots of great opportunities for girls.

Cary Brown

Cary Brown
Women in Technology Project 802/728-1510
Vermont Technical College
Randolph Center VT 05061-0500

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