Re: Time

Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 09:44:05 EST

Thanks to Carol for her observations about the resource of time. I
heartily agree. During grant review meetings, we always look to see how
the coordination time, preparations time, planning time. etc., is being
accomodated. If people are not allocated this resource by paid overload,
reassignment of other duties, additional support help, or some other
tangible budget line item that acknowledges time as the valuable reource
it is, then we know the proposal is likely doomed. Even volunteers are a
valuable but unreliable resource.

I am not sure how many other professions besides education regard a
teacher's day to be similar to a bottomless cup of coffee (you can keep
pouring stuff in for no extra money) but I agree that it is
why any demonstration project slowly comes to a halt after the funds end.

Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

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