Funding to Support Girls' Interest and Achievement in Math and Science

Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 13:53:54 EST

For those of you who are interested in obtaining funding to support girls'
interest and achievement in math and science, I would encourage you to visit
the AAUW web site. The AAUW Educational Foundation offers Community Action
Grants and Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships to support gender equitable
math/science/technology programs. Information about both programs is
included below.


Janalee Jordan-Meldrum
Manager, Community Action Programs
AAUW Educational Foundation


The AAUW Educational Foundation Invites Applications for Fellowships and

Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships provide women K-12 public school
teachers with up to $9,000 for professional development activities and
projects designed to advance girls' interest in math, science, and/or
technology. Fellows also participate in a dynamic, five-day Teacher
Institute to learn strategies to enrich math/science/ technology curricula
and advance gender equity in the classroom.

Approximately 25 fellowships will be awarded to women teachers individually
or as lead members of teams with other teachers or administrators, men and
The application postmark deadline is January 10, 2000. For applications
call 319/337-1716 or visit

Community Action Grants support innovative, community-based programs
designed to promote education and equity for women and girls. Individual
women including teachers or community activists, as well as AAUW branches,
AAUW states, and collaborating organizations are eligible.

Grants provide $2,000 - $7,000 for a one-year project, or $5,000 - $10,000
for a two-year project. One-year grants provide seed money for a clearly
defined activity that must be innovative, community-based, and related to
education and equity for women and girls. Two-year grants require a focus
on activities supporting K-12 public school girls' achievement in math,
science, and/or technology, as well as school/community partnerships. The
grants support planning and coalition building during the first year,
implementation activities in the second year.

The application postmark deadline is February 1, 2000. For applications
call 319/337-1716 or visit

The AAUW Educational Foundation provides funds to advance education,
research, and self-development for women, and to foster equity and positive
societal change. One of the largest sources of funding for graduate women,
the Foundation provides more than $3 million annually in fellowships,
grants, and awards to support aspiring scholars, teachers, and activists in
local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those
pursuing professions traditionally underrepresented by women. In all, more
than 7,300 women from approximately 120 nations have received AAUW
Educational Foundation fellowships and grants.

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