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Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 15:41:50 EST

To any of you who may have access to the NY Times....
On Thu, Dec. 2, a full page ad by the Women's College Coalition appeared.
What attracted me, was the title beneath a large photo of a smiling young
woman. The title boldly states...."HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY LED HER TO A
LIFE OF CRIME." Well, really, since I'm a chemistry teacher that
caught my eye. But the punch line appeared below a photo of a group of
        "Expect the Best from a Girl. That's what you'll get."
The photo turned out to be of Julie Willey, director of the Delaware State
Police Crime Lab, a forensic microscopist.

The url on the ad page was to
http://www.academic.org/ . If you click on _Role Models_ Julie Willey,
you will see the photos and text from this ad. Two other role-model ads
are listed....Dr. Nicole Lang [She's a doctor today because her role
models weren't models] and Lauren Lazin [Her parents aren't shocked by
what she's done on MTV]. This site also provides a phone number where
parents can get more information..1-800-WCC-4-GIRLS. The webpage
information was prepared by the Women's College Coalition, in conjunction
with the Ad Council and is sponsored by Mt. Holoyoke College. The links
lead to the following topics including Role Models, Science questions to
ask daughters, Programs for girls...
" What parents can do...
          At home
          At school
          Math & Science
          Science Questions to Ask Your Daughter
          Future Careers
     Surprising But True
     Role Models
          Julie Willey
          Dr. Nicole Lang
          Lauren Lazin
     The Facts About Women and Work
          A Sampling of Programs for Girls "

Rosa Hemphill

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