Dialogue Concludes

From: edequity@phoenix.edc.org
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 17:07:52 EST

Hello Everyone:

We are now officially ending this Dialogue on Women and Girls in Science.
Many thanks to Gay Gordon, Sophia Huyer, Mary Susan Lindee, Jayshree Mehta, Mary
Thompson and Londa Schiebinger for offering their time, expertise, and
perspectives to this lively discussion. We also thank you, the members of
EDEQUITY for your enthusiastic response.

To share what we have learned and add to the broader discussion on women
and girls in science, WEEA will be disseminating the information generated by
this Dialogue in a number of ways including printed publications and features
on our web site <www.edc.org.WomensEquity> where we will be adding a new "room"
on science education. (As you know, the entire discussion already is archived
on the web site.) We will alert you as these new resources become available.

We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you what you thought of
the Dialogues we have had so far (on women and girls in science; gender and
disabilities; sexual harassment and Title IX; the Australian book, "Answering
Back"; and single sex education) and whether you found them useful. We also
welcome suggestions on how we can improve future Dialogues to better serve your

Please respond to the following questions and e-mail them back to the EDEQUITY
Administrator at Edequity_Admin@mail.edc.org by December 20, 1999.

Again, thanks for your participation.


Susan J. Smith
EDEQUITY Moderator

1. Do you generally participate in EDEQUITY discussions? How often?
2. Did you post a message in any of the three Dialogues? Why or why not?

3. Did you face any barriers to participating in the Dialogues?

4. Are you using any of the information or strategies discussed in these
Dialogues in your efforts to improve educational equity? If so, how?
5. Which Dialogue was most valuable to you? Why?
6. What suggestions do you have for improving these Dialogues?

7. What topics would you suggest for future Dialogues?

8. Do you have any other comments you would like to share about Dialogues or
EDEQUITY discussions generally?

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