Re: More Questions for the Dialogue

Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 14:53:35 EST

The questions are difficult because there is no real sense of how to remedy a
situation that for too long has left girls out and denied them the right ''to
know''. from their History books, to their science classes, to their reading
assignments in English, to their conscious or unconscious knowledge that ''math
is for boys''; to the subliminal messages and not so subliminal
messages they get from their teachers...
The curriculum is deplorable and the teachers continue to teach it like a
religion...there is no room for innovation, creativity, challenge, self
leadership and change in our school system...The Professionals..the
experts...are either ingnorant, too afraid of challenging the system
themselves for fear of making waves, or simply do not really care...the
parents are no better.....the mothers; who as women should have experienced
so much of this exclusion are oblivious about their daughters enduring the
same we have a system that goes totally unchallenged and day after
day our children are taught the same academic trash in 0ne thousand different
headings...and ways...but the content never changes. Men Rule. In every single
bit of curriculum it does not matter what it is Men Rule. I challenge anyone to
look at any curriculum anywhere in the USA and tell me that this is not so. So I
would begin to see a system put into place in where ALL educators would have to
revise their curriculum content, manners of teaching and re-educate themselves
before they are allowed to continue teaching their sexist curriculums and
sending their sexist messages to our children which seem to get louder any time
you complain about academic sexism. Science encouragement is a great start but
this issue is NOT about any particular academic subject but about an
educational system drawning on its own inability to teach something that will
develop our children's human potential to the fullest. Its about a system that
excludes girls in every conceivable way it can. Encoraging science is great as
long as you can provide the support necesary to stimulate self esteem and self
confidence because the world of science does not yet belong to women...of course
you start where you can..and that is all a noble attempt but in reality all
subjects should come under scruinity and they all should be challenged to
address the needs of girls because they are the ones who are constantly
shortchanged and academically cheated by the so called educators.

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