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Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 12:43:55 EST

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    Dee Grayson and I (Pam Miller) hope you will have or did have (depending
    on when you pick up this e-mail!) a great holiday. We have been very
    busy, like everyone else and have been slow getting this information
    out. We realize that this is short notice but we hope to put together
    two three day GESA Facilitator trainings in Feburary of 2000.

    For those of you who are not familiar with GESA, I will briefly explain
    the program. GESA examines the five areas of disparity in the classroom
    and then encourages teachers to utilize research based, proactive
    instructional strategies and resources to eliminate the disparities and
    support high expectations. The necessity of high expectations for all
    students has been identified repeatedly as an essential factor for
    educational success at all levels.

    These Areas of Disparity have proven to be generic and are applicable to
    concerns related to gender, race, national origin, developmental or
    physical disability socio-economic class, perceived ability, or any of
    the labels which tend to deal people out or permit them to deal
    themselves in or out of the educational system.

    This three day training will equip the participants to facilitate the
    GESA teacher workshops with classroom teachers back at their school
    sites. They will facilitate classroom teachers learning about the
    effects of gender, race ethnic and other differences in their perceived
    expectations of students. GESA emphasizes the research on teacher
    perceptions and expectations in the classroom, suggests alliterative
    behaviors and provides techniques for application and practice.

    For more information contact us at or visit our web
    site at

    GESA Facilitator Trainings: (Please pass this information on to

     You and your colleagues are invited to attend trainings which are being
    sponsored by GrayMill this winter. One will be held in the San Diego,
    CA, area and the other in the Sacramento, CA, area. These trainings
    provide an excellent opportunity for anyone who wishes to become a
    certified GESA Facilitator or who wants to become more familiar with the
    program and updated research, strategies and training techniques. GESA
    makes the connections between home environment, school, achievement and

     The fee for the trainings is $250.00 per participant. Trainings will
    include the GESA Facilitator Handbook, additional training materials,
    certification certificate and refreshments. The fee does not include
    lodging, transportation or meals. (You can expect to pay between $100 to
    $150 a night at either location.)

     To express interest or to let us know you will be sending in your
    registration, call the office at 1-800-218-GESA (4372) by January 15th.
    If this is too soon, but you would like to attend a training at another
    time please let us know.

     To Register
    Send your check or a Purchase Order with the following information
    payable to GrayMill. (Deadline for receiving paid registration for the
    San Diego training is January 24th and for the Sacramento training is
    January 31st.) Detailed information will be sent to all registered
    participants. If you have any questions call (800) 218-GESA.

    Title: Agency:
    Phone: (w) (h)
    e-mail: Fax:

    Training Dates and Locations: (Indicate which date you will attend)
        February 2-4, 2000 San Diego, CA
        February 9-11, 2000 Sacramento, CA

    Method of payment for registration fee:
    ____Purchase Order enclosed
    ____Check or money order enclosed made payable to:
             22821 Cove View St.
         Canyon Lake, CA 9258

     Pam Miller
    Dee Grayson at
    (909) 246-2106

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