Glass Ceiling???

From: Amber Valeris DeWine (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 12:43:56 EST

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    I once heard a well-known feminist author relate this story: She was in an
    office, and noticed that all the secretaries were female whereas all the
    managers were male, and wondered that at least some of the women must be
    suited to a manager's job but systemic gender bias in how they were raised
    had pushed them all into secretary's jobs, and that probably at least some
    of the men were not the most ideal for a manager's job, but systemic gender
    bias had given them this privilege in spite of that. She concluded that
    action had to be taken to correct these injustices.

    Yesterday I had a series of meetings at my bank's head office (I'm an
    intern). If there is a glass ceiling, it is so high up that I can't see it.
    Every single person I met, from the secretaries to the Head of Finance, was
    a woman. Until I came back down to the ground floor, where every janitor I
    passed, every road worker slugging it out in the cold, every subway worker
    eating train grime, were men.

    As many can attest from experiences with tellers and branch managers
    that just don't seem able to grasp the simplest ideas sometimes, not every
    woman banker is really intellectually suited to the task, to put it

    It's time to start thinking about those poor high school boys who are
    labeled because they don't fit into the feminine design of school, who are
    left to drop out in droves while attention is focused on getting girls into
    engineering programs, who are assumed to belong there through their own
    fault when they end up digging ditches at the feet of women curled up in
    their cushy offices complaining they don't have a shot at the presidency.

    Amber V. DeWine

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