New Gender Equity Curriculum

Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 15:10:18 EST

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    Hi all,

         Somehow in the technical problems we've been experiencing, the text of
         the press release I sent earlier was deleted. Sorry about that, and
         here it is.


                                                             News Release

                   For Immediate Release Contact:
                   01/03/00 Paula M. Fleming



                    New Gender Equity Curriculum Strengthens Students' Ability
                                        to Value Diversity

                   The Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Equity Resource
                   Center at Education Development Center, Inc., in Newton,
                   Massachusetts, announces the publication of Raising the
                   Grade, a collection of fun and interesting activities that
                   will strengthen sixth through twelfth graders' ability to
                   work together effectively across the diversity of gender,
                   race, national origin, and disability.

                   The curriculum examines gender bias issues, the role media
                   plays in defining gender roles, and nine areas of education
                   directly affected by Title IX:
    Access to Higher Education
    Career Education
    Learning Environment
    Math and Science
    Sexual Harassment
    Standardized Testing
    Treatment of Pregnant and Parenting Teens

                        Designed to be used throughout the learning period, on
                   its own, as part of a thematic unit, or across the
                   curriculum, Raising the Grade will help students recognize
                   that they can take action to make gender equity a reality in
                   all areas of their lives.

                        The curriculum will cost $17.00 and will be available
                   from the Women's Educational Equity Act Equity Resource
                   Center at 800-793-5076.

                        The national WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC is
                   funded by the United States Education Department. Its
                   mission is to work with schools, community organizations,
                   businesses, and individuals to publish and market
                   gender-fair education products; to disseminate the latest
                   resources for multicultural gender-fair education; and to
                   provide direct assistance to school systems, administrators,
                   and teachers who are working toward acceptance of all people
                   without regard to gender, race, class, language, or

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