Re: Re 5: Empowering the girl-child

Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 11:52:03 EST

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    When I cited two examples of women who could not have been fashion models
    or movie stars but whose accomplishments and fame will outlive them, I did
    not mean to imply that they were not public personalities or speakers of
    whom women can be proud. Both Betty Friedan and Dr. Rosalind Yalou are
    impressive personalities and it was a privilege to know them. I meant only
    to cite examples of women whose success did not depend on their looks, in
    contrast to the implications of today's culture that puts so much emphasis
    on a woman's facial features and body contours, and undervalues
    intellectual accomplishments. The culture has also encouraged suppression
    or camouflage of qualities of leadership and character that would be
    applauded in a man. Those attitudes are what we need to change. AMB

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