RE: Glass Ceiling???

Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 17:16:08 EST

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    I would like to suggest you visit our Women's Bureau WEBPAGE below on Equal
    Pay. Women have predominately filled the low paying jobs in this country
    and continue to do so. To suggest that we now refocus our attention to the
    poor boys who are dropping out because the education institutions are
    pushing girls in to engineering is too broad a generalization for me to

    If young men are dropping out it is because they have yet to understand
    that equal access to both education and employment means exactly that -
    equal. Until we as a society learn to accept and rear our young men and
    women into the mind set that they can be all that they can be, we will not
    meet this goal.

    Young girls are still lacking behind in math and sciences. Those who
    achieve high wage and high skill levels are often isolated at the top.
    This is what they glass ceiling really means. That those who dare to break
    through the glass often find themselves alone.

    I invite you to look at our equal pay perspective.

    Angela Rizzolo
    Equal Opportunity/Program Specialist

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