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Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 17:24:06 EST

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    Hi! I hope you have time to share your opinions with me soon! In the
    meantime, thank you for asking this question! I hope I can help.

    This information comes from the National Collegiate Athletic Association
    participation survey relative to the elimination of men's teams after the
    installation and enforcement of the proportionality rule. I would like to
    point out that Title IX is not causing the destruction of men's sports,
    PROPORTIONALITY is. Title IX actually boosts women's sports. Look at the
    fact that immediately after Title IX was passed, sans proportionality,
    women's sports skyrocketed. After the installation of proportionality, no
    such dramatic increase occurs. Which leads me back to my original question
    which remains unanswered: Who wins by using proportionality?

      It is all summed up in an opinion from "Judge" Cynthia Holcomb Hall,
    Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, when she wrote firmly that an institution
    may bring itself into compliance by eliminating male opportunities. The
    question is: Who wins when this is done?

      I hope I helped! I look forward to you sharing your thoughts!

    Miss Amber Valeris DeWine (soon to be Tower!!!)

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