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    For far too long, many people with disabilities may have thought that
    taking part in "study abroad" or other international exchange activities
    was an impossible, or at best an excessively challenging, dream. But this
    is not in fact the case.

    EDC is part of a coalition led by the National Clearinghouse on Disability
    and Exchange that is actively promoting the very real existence of exchange
    programs -- in MANY parts of the world -- that can accommodate people with

    On March 15, there will be a combination conference and Expo at the JFK
    Library to inform the public about exchange possibilities. If you know
    someone who might like to take part in an exchange program (or who might
    like to know how their current exchange programs can better accommodate
    people with disabilities), please share this memo with them and ask them to
    mark their calendars.

    The public Exchange Expo will take place the evening of Wednesday, March
    15th --from 5 to 8 p.m. There will be a number of exchange organizations
    present to share information on their programs and opportunities for people
    with disabilities to take part. Here is a great chance for you or students
    or colleagues to find out how you can expand your horizons.

    From Ed Allan

              Contact: Rhonda Neuhaus
                                                      (541) 343-1284 (V/TTY)

                          WORLD OF OPTIONS CONFERENCE AND EXPO
                                  TO BE HELD IN BOSTON

         Two conferences to build bridges between people with disabilities and
           international exchange, study and community service opportunities

         Join international exchange and disability professionals for a one-day
    conference from, 9 am to 4:30 pm, to increase the participation of people
    with disabilities in international exchange programs!! International
    educators and exchange professionals are now encouraged to register for the
    Boston area event on March 15, 2000 and the San Francisco Bay area event on
    May 3, 2000.

         The events are organized by The National Clearinghouse on Disability
    and Exchange (NCDE), sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural
    Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and managed by Mobility
    International USA (MIUSA).

    The World of Options conference will provide the opportunity for
    international exchange organizations to prepare their programs for the
    inclusion of participants with disabilities.

    Learn practical strategies and resources for outreach and inclusion of
    people with disabilities;
    Hear success stories on international exchange opportunities of people
    with disabilities;
    Participate in sessions on legal issues and funding;
    Learn about resources and ideas for including people with disabilities
    in inbound and outbound programs;
    Discuss optional topics, which may include: travel and
    transportation, host families, insurance issues, cultural perspectives of
    disability, etc.

    Evening Expo ? Open to the Public

         Following the conference, the World of Options Expo, from 5 pm ? 8 pm
    will give representatives from international exchange programs the
    opportunity to exhibit their program materials, discuss the application
    process and answer any questions. The Expo will be open to the public at no

         To register or for more information contact Rhonda Neuhaus, NCDE
    Public Relations Coordinator, (541) 343-1284 (V/TTY),
    clearinghouse@miusa.org or visit our website at: www.miusa.org.

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