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Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 14:41:27 EST

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    Myra Sadker Day (March 5, 2000) is a day to break gender barriers.


    And What Are You Doing for Myra Sadker Day?

    Myra Sadker Days will be celebrated nationwide. Volunteers will
    individually or collectively identify, plan, and implement at least one
    activity that promotes gender equity. These activities can range from
    modest gestures to major initiatives. Here are several ideas to start your
    creative planning:

    Read non-sexist stories to young children
    Take someone to a women's athletic event
    Observe classrooms to detect bias in interactions
    Acknowledge Myra's gender equity work at a staff meeting
    Establish an award to recognize advocates who promote equity.

    We invite you to visit our website for activity suggestions and information
    about Myra Sadker Advocates and Myra Sadker Days. You'll find articles,
    updates, and information, including:
    Equity lesson plans for teachers
    Activities for concerned family and community members
    More Than 100 Ideas for Myra Sadker Day

    And don't forget to share your efforts with us. Photos, flyers,
    videotapes, and anecdotes will help us to tell the story of Myra Sadker

    Most sincerely,
    David Sadker

    You are invited to help us celebrate the third annual Myra Sadker Days at
    American University.

    A HERO FOR DAISY - Myra Sadker Advocates will host the Washington premier
    of A Hero for Daisy. This film is about the courage of two-time Olympic
    rower, Chris Earnst, who galvanized her rowing team to confront the
    inadequate and second-class training afforded to female athletes at Yale,
    which lacked even locker room facilities for females. Chris and her
    teammates stormed the athletic director's office naked with "Title IX"
    written across their backs in 1976, four years after the law was passed by
    Congress to ban sex discrimination in schools. The filmmaker, Mary C.
    Mazzio, took on this project in an effort to promote positive and strong
    images of women as heroes for girls; girls just like her daughter Daisy.
    < >
    Date: March 5 Location: Ward 1, American University
    Times: Early showing: 4:00-5:15 PM Late showing: 7:00-8:15 PM
    Guest film critics featuring athlete and author Mariah Burton Nelson

    WOMEN: BACK TO THE FUTURE - In this one-woman theater performance actor
    Kate Campbell-Stevenson brings to life a diverse group of historical women
    role models.
    Date: March 6 Location: Butler Board Room, American
    Time: 7:30pm

    Morella will be honored with this award, which recognizes individuals for
    their work and achievements in gender equity. Previous recipients include
    Anne Bryant, executive director of The National School Boards Association
    and the American Association of University Women, and Washington Post
    columnist Judy Mann.
    Date: March 6 Location: Butler Board Room
    Time: 8:30pm (following Women: Back to the Future)

    (Dads and Daughters) will speak on "Tips for Raising Successful Daughters"
    and hold an organizational meeting to form a Washington Area Chapter of
    DADS. With education, support and community and media actions, DADs
    provides tools to strengthen our relationships with our daughters and
    transform the pervasive messages that value our daughters more for how they
    look than who they are. Their website can be found at
    < >
    Date: March 7 Location: Gray Hall, Bentley Lounge
    Time: 7:00-9:00 PM

    In order to attend any of the events, please leave a detailed message at
    our office (301-738-7113) or email Karen Zittleman.

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