Re: Equalizing Advantage

Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 11:02:08 EST

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    Even if one were to acknowledge what you say as having even a scintilla of
    truth, it still fails to address my question. Even if I believe your
    "glass ceiling...70 cents...lesser salary" statements, which I'm unsure
    that I do, then still one must have enough sense to acknowledge that while
    these are areas in which males have unfair advantage, there are areas in
    which females have unfair advantage. The question was, given the
    appearance that the "equity" movement as represented by this group seems to
    want to equalize male advantage, what has been done to equalize female

    For example, you boohooed about "lesser salary for women college graduates
    than men high school graduates... ." How about the fact that there are
    more male dropouts than women, and that women make up more of the student
    bodies of most institutions of higher education. What has the "equity"
    movement done to equalize this? How have those who proclaim "equity" tried
    to make the schools more boy-friendly? This is my question. Do you have
    an answer?

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    Miss Amber V. DeWine (soon to be Mrs. Amber V. Tower!!!)

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