Re: Equalizing Advantage

Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 17:01:45 EST

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    Amber DeWine said on 2/17/00 9:02 AM
    "How about the fact that there are more male dropouts than women, and that
    women make up more of the student bodies of most institutions of higher
    education. What has the "equity" movement done to equalize this?
    Ms. DeWine,
    Could you share your references for the above statements?

    I think that you have chosen to ignore a concept that has been presented in
    the past--male privilege, more specifically, male White privilege. A good
    beginning reference is an article by Peggy McIntosh. I am assuming that
    others on this listserv have either investigated/explored or experienced
    this concept to some degree from the responses I read.

    I am not condemning you for not reading up on the subject, but it just
    seems that whenever someone says yes, you say no. I do not understand why
    it is inconceivable to you that our society has unspoken rules that hold
    many institutions together? Many of these rules leave people out and give
    advantage to others. For the most part, the rules benefit men. Many of
    these rules exist without anyone challenging them.

    For me, the equity movement is challenging many of these unspoken rules.
    What are these unspoken rules doing to benefit you that creates angst when
    a body of evidence challenges them? I believe that people tend to support
    what benefits them to some degree. Like the saying goes, if it works,
    don't fix it. So what is working? The current system does not work for me
    or others whom I advocate for, so I want to change it.

    Elaine DeBassige D'Amato

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