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Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 11:19:59 EST

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    I know Amber has been saying 'no' when others have said 'yes' and was
    accused of not having done her research before making statements. But I
    would like to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she is
    asking these questions to learn; to do research if you will. Furthermore,
    Amber is not the only one was has stated figures without references...

    I think Amber's questions stem from not having experienced any
    discrimination against women herself (please correct me if I'm wring
    Amber). I can sympathise there because I haven't really experienced it
    either. Yes, there have been little remarks and nuances occasionally, but
    it has not affected my professional progress. Nonetheless, it can't hurt to
    be prepared and aware of potential problems. For instance the 70 cents out
    of the dollar issue. I would very much like to know if men in the same
    position as myself (I am an assistant professor of meteorology at a small
    university), with the same experience, are being paid the same.

    Another reason I join professional women's groups is because I believe
    strongly in networking and support and it is one of the few ways that are
    open to me. I find myself amongst women facing the same problems and
    concerns and they can offer me all sorts of valuable advice that I can't
    get anywhere else. Furthermore, we have started severeal research
    collaborations, simply from knowing one another and one another's

    So even if you do not feel directly discriminated against, what is wrong
    with making yourself strong and being aware of potential pitfalls? Perhaps
    this answers some of Amber's concerns from someone who has had her doubts

    Best regards,
    Sytske Kimball <>

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