Re: Equalizing Advantage

Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 11:21:58 EST

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    PWO wrote:
    >What is the source for the "70 cents" statistic? How old is it? I've heard
    >that this "fact" was produced by a feminist woman's group in the
    >seventies. I also understand that as an aggregate which compares all
    >working women with all working men, it was never adjusted for relevant
    >variables such as experience and years of service. PWO

    And, I have been wondering, does it compare the 'SAME' positions. I.e. do
    women doctors make less than male doctors, and female secretaries less than
    male secretaries, etc.? If not, then the 70 or 84% figure reflects the fact
    that women generally end up in lower paying positions. A totally different,
    but still significantly important, issue.


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