Re: Single sex education

Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 11:23:58 EST

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    Dateline did a program on a "single-sex experiment" in the teaching of
    physics at the Illinois Math & Science Institute a few years back. A
    physics teacher who normally taught co-ed classes took on an all-female
    phpysics course, and changed his teaching techniques as a result of the
    FEMALE STUDENTS teaching HIM how to teach THEM.

    It is an interesting video and shows two distinctly different teaching
    styles, as well as clips from girls talking about their experiences in coed
    and single sex classes. I would argue that the success of the course with
    the girls is a rationale for changing teaching techniques as much (or more)
    than it is a rationale for changing class structure (single sex vs. coed).

    I don't have the specific reference on the video, date, or title of the
    show. Maybe the folks at the company Joy gave us would know of it (info
    inserted below). I almost think it was part of the "Failing at Fairness"


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