Re: Equal'ing Adv. - Peggy M.

Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 14:24:06 EST

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    I love Peggy McIntosh's articles on white privilege. I have written a list
    of my own about able-bodies privilege, however, as a physically challenged
    person, I wrote it in the NEGATIVE, about the privileges I DON'T have. I
    know of friends who have written straight p. lists, and Christian p. lists.
    Basically, anyone in ANY minority group could write a list of privileges
    for the majority group, because they know what privileges they DON'T have.

    If anyone is interested in swapping lists, I would be most interested. I am
    interested in the sociological study of the dynamics of minority groups, or
    those labeled "different", and what they have in common, as well as what is
    unique to certain groups. I believe, for lack of "hard evidence", that
    there are more similarities than differences in our experiences.

    Thanks for the great conversation!

    Amy E. Kelly

    "Disability is not a 'brave struggle' or 'courage in the face of
    adversity'....disability is an art. It is an ingenious way to live." - Neil
    Marcus, 1993

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