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From: John Meyer (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 14:44:01 EST

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    >There may be areas in which women have an advantage but I do not know of
    >any in which the advantage is unfair. Examples of this are heads of
    >nursery schools and child day care facilities.
    >Even in fields which the personnel are predominantly female such as
    >libraries and departments of nursing, there is a disproportionate number
    >of males in the top positions, and this is not due to a lack of so-called
    >"qualfied women".

    While I am not questioning this statistic in this post, I've always
    wondered one thing: there is a union that usually negotiates these
    salaries, right? Is the union negotiating two salaries, one for men and
    one for women? Is the "gap" based on base pay, or bonuses accumulated over
    Overall, I'm a cynic of any governmental action, and think that you must
    first change the minds of the people before any sort of law or ruling will
    work. Besides, if you hate women so much that you're going to pay them
    less for the same work (same hours, same quality, etc), you'll find some
    way out of this sooner or later. Supreme Court, Congress, and President
    say I have to pay all women the same? Fine, I'll:
    a. lower the rate I pay to every worker
    b. reduce the amount of workers that I employ.
    c. move to Mexico, where I can pay men and women the same--diddly squat.
    Some of you may think this is irrational--no company would do such a thing,
    but if there's too much pressure, moving to some third-world country will
    seem like a fairly good option.

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