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Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 14:33:48 EST

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    Moderator's Note:

    During this discussion, we have received several inquiries about edequity
    policy. I would just like to take a moment to remind everyone that
    edequity is a public forum. We are obligated to post all messages as long
    as they follow the guidelines in the User's Guide (available on our web
    site <>).

    As moderator of the list, we read every message to ensure that it meets
    some basic requirements. We can reject messages if they: are unrelated to
    educational equity, are not signed with name/e-mail address of the sender,
    violate restrictions against using the list for lobbying purposes, or are
    uncivil or abusive. However, the guidelines state that "No message will be
    rejected for expressing an opinion, nor are messages censored (they appear
    in their entirety)." If we do reject a message, we return it to the sender
    with an explanation of why it was not accepted. S/he has the option of
    revising and resubmitting the message.

    I would also like to remind you that while we have to post all the messages
    that meet these requirements, you do not have to respond to every message.
    In this particular discussion, I think that list members have posted
    insightful and informative comments and suggestions for resources to
    someone who stated from the beginning that she is opposed to the beliefs of
    most people on this list. (Being an equity supporter is not required to
    join the list.) From the comments, this exchange has been valuable for
    some. However, it is up to edequity participants to determine how long the
    discussion on this topic continues. As moderator, we cannot arbitrarily
    stop posting messages and end it.

    That said, over the next few months we will be exploring ways we can more
    actively facilitate discussion. The rules for posting messages are not
    likely to change, but we will work to improve the flow, bring more people
    from outside the list to answer questions or address hot topics raised by
    list members, and otherwise encourage more peer exchanges to promote

    As you know, edequity is part of a new on-line environment and we are still
    learning and evolving as we go along. We want to make sure that we do all
    we can to effectively utilize this tremendous resource to disseminate
    information that will assist you in your equity work. We also want to
    create a space where you feel comfortable networking and sharing what you
    know with others on the list. Any suggestions you might have for us about
    what we can do to achieve these goals are always welcome.

    Thank you for your participation.


    Susan J. Smith
    Edequity Moderator
    WEEA Equity Resource Center

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