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Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 14:59:39 EST

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    >>>I love Peggy McIntosh's articles on white privilege. I have written a
    list of my own about able-bodies privilege, however, as a physically
    challenged person, I wrote it in the NEGATIVE, about the privileges I DON'T
    have. I know of friends who have written straight p. lists, and Christian
    p. lists. Basically, anyone in ANY minority group could write a list of
    privileges for the majority group, because they know what privileges they
    DON'T have.>>>


    We're all privileged to agreater and lesser extent. Of course, we all have
    our crosses to bear to agreater and lesser extent. That's what it means to
    be human, to have strengths and weaknesses. This is why having good family
    and friends is such a blessing. We use our strength (privilege) to help
    others and are helped by others who are stronger than we. Anyone whose ever
    been part of a successful team of any sort knows this. Everyone plays to
    their strength (privilege) helping out others without question when
    weakness becomes apparent. Making lists of privilege by which you can
    compare your shortcomings is a wasted effort leading to self-pity and
    whining. Best to spend the time identifying and improving your strengths,
    learning how to help others, and do the best you can to "play the hand
    you've been dealt."


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