RE: Gender breakdown

Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 09:17:55 EST

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    The college degree as a ticket to middle class seems at least for the time
    being, to be a thing of the past. Although colleges and universities
    frequntly maintain that they are not in the business of job training, that
    is pretty much why most in my generation (H.S grad of 1964) went. There
    was a quantum leap between college degree occupations versus those not
    requireing one. Many areas of technical skills aquisition can offer
    completers well-paying and personally satisfying occupations. I don't
    feel this is of lessor value than an undergraduate degree. Perhaps we to
    need to identify many more indicators of educational achievement than the
    college degree

    However, the demographic pipelines need to be monitored closely, and
    information in this discussion indicates there are large sub-populations
    that are not able to access the full range of educational and occupational
    options that are out there. That should be of concern to everyone.
    Barbara Tavares
    University of Hawaii

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