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Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 14:38:10 EDT

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    Oh, come on now. We can be more creative than taking away things from the
    boys and still have a win-win situation. I find it hard to believe that a
    campus that has a football field, complete with press box, a boys baseball
    field, complete with locker rooms, electric score board, dug out,
    etc., has not used any public funds to supply these amenities.

    I question why such on-campus facilities cannot be used in some equitable
    division by both genders? I wonder why some of the add-on amenities were
    purchased for boys facilities before girls facilities were upgraded? Are
    all those bus trips to games supported by the boys doing car washes? Hey,
    Ive raised five kids of both genders and I know how these things work.

    I am also just barely old enough to remember these same arguments used
    with the separate but equal justification for racially segregated schools.

    Barbara Tavares
    University of Hawaii

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