RE: new charter school for girls

Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 12:07:37 EDT

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    Once again, Kathy Rigsby points out issues to consider. I've attended in
    both a co-ed and in a single-sex setting. and have seen/experienced
    sexism, elitism and generally less than model schools of both type. A
    personal note- I will be leaving the NE Dept/Ed. Tomarrow is my last day
    there. My husband and I are moving to Phoenix. Please know how much I
    have appreciated the postings on the listserv. I have't always agreed with
    everything, but I've learned a ton! When we get set up in Phoenix, I'll
    rejoin the listserv. In the meantime- keep on keeping on. Equity lives
    because it is an ideal that makes sense! :-) Peggy Weeks
    <> until May 2, 2000.

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