[EDEQUITY] Re: Teen gender-based violence

From: Jennifer Engle (jengle@american.edu)
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 09:44:58 EDT

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    Nan Stein at the Wellesley Center for Research on Women has developed a
    curriculum on gender violence in high schools. You can find the curriculum
    at http://www.wellesley.edu/WCW/pub_dir.html. You can also find her
    research on bullying and harassment at the Wellesley Center.

    Jennifer Engle
    American University

    Nan D. Stein

    Gender Violence/Gender Justice: An Interdisciplinary Teaching Guide for
    Teachers of English, Literature, Social Studies, Psychology, Health, Peer
    Counseling, and Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 7-12), 1999

    The purpose of this teaching guide is to explore power, inequities, and
    violence in relationships as well as friendship, interventions, justice,
    courage in relationships. The large subject of gender violence, which
    includes hazing, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, can be deepened,
    reinforced, and strengthened by connections to and infusion into social
    studies and humanities courses. Classroom discussions on these topics can
    extended beyond a particular lesson through literature, writing
    case studies, mock trials, and research assignments.

    The unique feature of this teaching guide is that it is literature-, and
    history-based. Going beyond discussions of negative interpersonal
    interactions, the teaching guide makes use of selections from literature
    history to include lessons on the themes of friendship, mutuality,
    affection, courage, and loyalty-- some of the qualities that we hope will
    replace violence and coercion in interpersonal relationships. It is one
    thing to find books and historical incidents that highlight violence; it is
    quite another to find literary courses and historical incidents that bring
    out the positive and allow us to imagine relationships without violence and

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