[EDEQUITY] Administrator's Note

From: Susan Smith (westsjs@mindspring.com)
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 09:59:53 EDT

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    Hello EDEQUITY members:

    In a message earlier this year, we indicated that we would be looking for
    ways to better facilitate discussion on the list. We appreciate the many
    suggestions and comments we have received from you in recent weeks about
    how we might make EdEquity more productive. We certainly take your input
    seriously and are considering how we can incorporate as many of your ideas
    as possible. Look for an announcement about these changes soon.

    In the meantime, please remember that:

    1. EDEQUITY is a public list and not everyone who subscribes will
    necessarily have the same agenda. In fact, some subscribe to our list
    simply to disrupt the discussion. Please be aware of this as you respond
    to messages. Usually the best strategy is to ignore such statements. If
    you engage with them, they will continue to respond.

    2. Differences of opinion are expected, but all messages must be
    respectful and civil. Abusive language will not be tolerated. Messages
    not meeting this standard will be returned to the sender for revision.

    A word about standard #2. Recently we have heard from list members that we
    have posted some messages that violated this standard. We try to be
    vigilant in upholding this standard but if you feel we have erred on
    occasion, we apologize.

    As I said, we welcome your input. Feel free to direct your comments to:

    Thanks for your participation.


    Susan J. Smith
    EdEquity Administrator
    WEEA Equity Resource Center

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