[EDEQUITY] Administrator's Note

From: Susan Smith (edequity-admin@edc.org)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 17:09:35 EDT

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    Hello everyone:

    Recently we indicated that we would be making some changes to the list =
    in response to your requests. We are still considering some other =
    changes, but tomorrow, June 1, we will begin experimenting with =
    modifications in the format of EDEQUITY. To provide more structure, =
    each month we will select a topic to be the main discussion thread. =
    Unlike the Dialogues (which we will also continue), these discussions =
    are intended to encourage those on the list to share their experiences =
    and expertise; pose questions about a particular dilemma or situation =
    and brainstorm with list members to develop solutions; and recommend =
    resources on the chosen topic. For the month of June we will focus on =
    effective strategies for equitable teacher-student interactions. =20

    We will continue to post messages on other topics. In order to =
    encourage a broad range of participation, however, we must remind you =
    that each list member is limited to a total of two messages per day. We =
    will post the first two messages we receive from you and return any =
    subsequent messages that put you over the limit for that day. You may =
    resubmit these messages at a later date.

    We hope these changes will begin to address some of the issues raised in =
    the past few weeks. We encourage you to join in the discussion this =
    month and then let us know what you think about the new format.

    Thanks for your participation.


    Susan J. Smith
    EDEQUITY Moderator
    WEEA Equity Resource Center

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