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Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 09:18:28 EDT

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    The National Women's Law Center has produced a new pamphlet as part of a
    project designed to help women and girls break down barriers to career
    education opportunities. "Putting the Law on Your Side: A Guide for Women
    and Girls to Equal Opportunity in Career Education and Job Training"
    explains how women and girls can use the federal civil rights laws to
    protect their rights to equal opportunity in School-to-Career programs,
    career academies, vocational programs, information technology classes and
    the like. Such programs are essential tools for helping women achieve
    economic independence. Yet studies show that many women and girls are
    not getting the education they need to prepare them for high wage careers.

    Many of these programs continue to be highly segregated by sex, with
    female students clustered in traditionally female, low-wage occupational
    categories. Additionally, sexual harassment and other forms of
    discrimination too frequently prevent women and girls from succeeding,
    particularly in non-traditional career education programs. "Putting the
    Law on Your Side" can help women and girls address the barriers in these
    crucial areas of education. The Center is also interested in working with
    community groups to present this material to students in a workshop or
    format. Call the National Women's Law Center at 202-588-5180 to order
    copies of the pamphlet or to discuss a possible presentation.

    The National Women's Law Center encourages any student, parent, or advocate
    who has encountered discriminatory attitudes, practices or policies in
    career education to call them at 202-588-5180 to share their experience or
    to request more information.

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