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From: Mary Lou Naylor (MNaylor@cde.ca.gov)
Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 11:04:05 EDT

Hello from Mary Lou at California Department of Education

Mariposa for Latinas and Encuentros for Latinos are impressive
self-discovery and career development books.

Here are two exciting publications that were developed specifically for
Latina and Latino youth. ( Although the books are generally used with
Latina (Mariposa) and Latino (Encuentros) student groups in middle
grades through high school, they have also been used successfully with
multicultural groups and adults.) Each of these books answers: Who am
I; Where am I going; and How do I get there?

Mariposa is includes 19 contemporary Latina role model biographies;
emphasizes benefits of nontraditional careers; and empowers Latinas
toward economic self-sufficiency through academic and career technical
education. Mariposa can be used in many settings including mentoring
programs, teen parent programs, community-based organizations,
comprehensive high schools and mother-daughter programs. Mariposa is a
"journal of self discovery" and is most powerful when the student is
given ownership of her own book.

The Encuentros storyline follows three young Latino men through a
wilderness survival experience. The quest is designed to help each
young man identify "Who Am I?" for himself. Biographical interviews
with approximately 50 contemporary Latino men, including nontraditional
career fields for Latinos, are included. Students working through
Encuentros will learn about the importance of academic achievement
and career technical education. Encuentros can be used in school
settings, mentoring programs, community-based organizations and other
Encuentros is a coffee table quality book. Latinos who use this book
should be encouraged to keep an accompanying journal.

Mariposa and Encuentros can be ordered through California Department of
Education at CDE Press 1-(800) 995-4099, or view the CDE Press catalog
at www.cde.ca.gov/cdepress.

These books are highly prized by California educators, families and
students. I have also purchased copies for my own family members when
their children were very young. Recently one of the preteen Latinas in
my family bitterly complained to her mother that too many Latinos worked
in fast food establishments and she vowed that she would set high
professional goals for herself--even if she was a Latina. I told her
mother, "Of course she will, and she'll achieve them; its time to bring
out her Mariposa!)

Once you see Mariposa and Encuentros, you will want all Latinas and
Latinos to have one!

Mary Lou Naylor, Ph.D., Consultant
Office of Workforce Development
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