[EDEQUITY] Coed Schools,single sex classes

From: Karen Humphrey (KHumphre@cde.ca.gov)
Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 08:58:16 EDT

A middle school in my district has a history of being a very low
performing school, and about 90% of the students are on free/reduced lunch.

Beginning this year, they have made the school a coed school, but with
single-sex classes. It is the only one in the district at this time.
Everyone will have their own opinion on this issue. I attended an
all-girl high school in which a large percentage of the students were from
lower-income homes. I thought it was a wonderful experience because
we weren't embarrassed to do well in school, we weren't wrapped up in how
we looked, or if some girl was talking to our boyfriend, etc.
I hope the school in my district does well with this concept,
especially at the middle school level. Middle school kids are hard enough
to teach without all the outside stuff interfering.


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