[EDEQUITY] Scores not as important as college entry, graduation

From: Steven A. Kaatz (kaaste@bethel.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 15:39:53 EDT

If WA and other states ARE providing effective LA instruction to male
students why do males, on average, still score about a year and a half
females on tests of reading and writing ?

Why that boys are the great majority of those getting LA help in
classes for the Learning Disabled ?

This is despite decades of women (mostly) shuffling boys off to remedial
programs like Title I.

The example of LA is just another way American schools shortchange boys.

Boys may outscore girls on college admission tests in WA, but who GOES to
college, Who GRADUATES ?

If WA is like the rest of the nation, males are a declining minority of
college students and college graduates.

If the WA tests are like the SATS males are over-represented at both the
and the BOTTOM

Steven A. Kaatz
Associate Professor of Education
Bethel College
St. Paul, Minnesota

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