[EDEQUITY] Adult role models female or male

From: Rebecca Hasty (rhasty@nde.state.ne.us)
Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 16:24:52 EDT

Responding to Susan McKevitt:
An interesting vision - if you include teachers that are the same
sex as the homogenous group - but where to find them??? It is alarming
that you have men coaching women's basketball, volleyball and soccer, and
women teaching academics K-6 and beyond. Since the adult role models are
still self-sex-segregated along traditional lines, we would have to work
from the top down for your vision to be worthy. I think single sex
classrooms work when the adult role model is the same sex as the
class/sport. Although it may be a single sex girls class, it matters
little when the class is male-centered?

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