[EDEQUITY]Additional resource on Nobel prize winners in science

From: Marylin A. Hulme (hulme@rci.rutgers.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 15:32:20 EDT

One good source of information on women Noble prize winners in all
categories, though somewhat old, is:
The Lady Laureates: Women Who Have Won the Nobel Prize, by Olga Opfell.
Scarecrow Press, 1978.

Another that concentrates on the science prizes is:
Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives, Struggles, and Momentous
Discoveries, by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne. Birch Lane Press, 1993.

Then of course there are individual biographies of Barbara McClintock,
Rosalind Yalow, and others, and of course, Marie Curie.

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